What Should Be Done For The Establishment Of A Cow Farm?

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What Should Be Done For The Establishment Of A Cow Farm?

Cow farm setup consists of certain stages. At the beginning of these stages, the right area selection comes first. Those who want to breed cattle should definitely prefer sloping areas in their area selection. At the same time, establishing a farm close to water sources and on land rich in grazing causes the cow to grow healthier. Generally speaking, those who want to be successful in this sector and earn high income should pay attention to certain tricks.

When it comes to what needs to be done for the establishment of a cow farm, the first shelter installation comes to mind. After choosing the right area, the shelter should be installed. Housing should generally be purposeful and adjusted to the number of animals. Since cows are usually lying and grazing animals, it is useful to establish a shelter next to a rich pasture. At the same time, soft pads should be used on concrete floors in order for the cows to lie more comfortably and not to get damaged.

In addition to all these, we would like to point out that when setting up the farm, care should always be taken to ensure that the animals’ living spaces are large and their comfort is considered. Otherwise, the desired efficiency cannot be achieved in this sector. In farm setup, milking areas must absolutely comply with hygienic conditions and must be set up correctly. For this, it is beneficial to choose quality milking machines. In addition to all these, those who want to establish a cow farm should definitely prefer quality cow breeds. Unhealthy breed selection will cause many diseases to spread easily.

Simental and Jersey Cow Characteristics

Cattle breeding includes a healthy selection of animals along with the establishment of the farm. In this direction, cow breeds are divided into two areas as domestic and culture. Although there are many breeds of cows in this category, Simental and Jersey cows are different from others in terms of both yield and many other factors.

If we start with the Simentay genus, its homeland is known as Switzerland. Its color is yellow – white or red white. Head parts are generally white in color. Muscles are enlarged in the thighs and the head is known to be strong.

Due to the high yield of male Simentals in fattening, it is frequently preferred by those who have been breeding cattle recently. The birth rate of this breed is higher than other breeds. The daily weight increase of Simental cow in fattening is 1000 g.

Another productive breed of cows is Jersey. Jersey originates from Jersey Island located between England and France. Their color can be seen from light brown to black. But the most common Jersey is deer color. The characteristic feature of the breed is that it has a ring on its nose and its eyes are protruding outward. Jerseys are generally among the dairy cattle breeds. Their bodies are thinner than other cow breeds. They adapt to warm regions more easily than other dairy cows.