What is Vintage Decoration? How is it done?

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What is Vintage Decoration? How is it done?

Vintage decoration is created by blending the furniture and accessories used between 1920-1950 with your own furniture. You can provide vintage-style furniture or accessories with items from elders or items from stores that sell vintage-style furniture. The feature of this type of furniture that you can use in every part of the house, mostly bedrooms, is that it reflects a certain period and carries traces from your family elders.

The vintage decoration samples, which have attracted the attention of those who are interested in decoration with their different lines in recent years, consist of pieces where comfort and simplicity stand out. A colorful and sincere home decoration is inevitable with the replacement of show by colors that give people peace.

While the small furniture is located in the most elegant corner of the house, many accessories from the period cover many areas, especially the walls of the house. Curtains, which are preferred from thick floral fabrics instead of tulle curtains, are provided with floral fabrics used in armchairs and chairs.

With its general appearance, vintage, which is reminiscent of the houses on the coast, is preferred by those who like to include peaceful colors in their homes. It is necessary to choose a plain and light color for the room to be decorated in vintage style and perform the general decoration within this color frame.

How to Make a Vintage Decoration?

Tumbled furniture, which is the choice of those who want to see nostalgia in home decoration, constitute the main theme of the vintage decoration style. In addition to the fact that furniture models are not large enough to take up much space, it is recommended to choose plain colors.

Thanks to the items that are compatible with each other in terms of simplicity and harmony of colors, it is possible to sign a romantic and stylish decoration. Anyone who has worn-out furniture in their home can easily apply this decoration style with little touches.

Furniture created between 1920-1950 is generally remarkable. They are more colorful, hard and sharp pieces compared to today’s furniture. Usually, instead of furnishing the whole house with such furniture, you can apply this fashion by adding vintage air to your own furniture.

For example; Candlesticks, mirrors, armchairs, pouffes, lace, tablecloths, lampshades, sewing machines and chests are among the items you can add to your decoration.

Suggestions for Making Vintage Decoration

Vintage, which is also described as longing for the old, is an important decoration for people who do not want to give up their 80s spirit, for example. If something moves inside you when you see vintage products, you have found what you are looking for. Our recommendations are as follows:

Old Furniture Furniture: Of course, start thinking about furniture you can choose without forgetting that these must be vintage. Imagine, for example, coffee tables made up of an old plate assembly. Likewise, do not start this business without buying the essential nightstands and beds of the period you are looking for.

Discover Upholstery Fabrics: When you browse old films, you will see quite different upholstery fabrics from today. Large patterns and vibrant colors are essential in vintage decoration.

A armchair that you can cover with fabrics with flowers, animal drawings, geometric and shawl patterns will instantly put your home in a vintage atmosphere.

Colored White Goods: These white goods, which come to our mind with Smeg, Deluxe, Philco brands, will allow you to capture the vintage atmosphere you are looking for in your kitchen. Finding it in good condition can be expensive; but remember that the result will be great. You can find sets in the form of refrigerators, stoves, and ovens. You have completed your kitchen.

Period Seat Designs: When choosing a sofa set for the living room, be sure to thoroughly research the designs of the period you are interested in. When you discover models specific to each period, you can make it yourself even if you cannot find them directly. Even seats are produced that you can turn into those models by covering them. With a few small changes, you can create the vintage vibe you’re looking for.

Glass, Mirror and Frames: When you see an old photo frame, you start to smell vintage scents. Likewise, when buying a mirror, it will be useful if the frame is aged and wooden. You can make the same change in the windows of your home. You can even find vintage doors and glass cases in room divisions and doors if you have the opportunity.

Magnificent Chandeliers: If you take a look at an old Turkish movie again, look carefully at the chandeliers of the mansions. They will give you information about the chandelier you should buy for your home. You can even easily find these chandeliers in vintage shops. If you like vintage but don’t want an old item, you can easily create something yourself. For example; You can make a chandelier in your kitchen from an old teapot.

Back to Carpets: Many people no longer prefer to use carpets in their homes. But for the vintage feel, you have to go back to the old rugs. You can find a large and worn carpet. It is possible to find such carpets from Eskisehir. You can also choose a carpet as floor covering. If you don’t want carpet, you can also choose rugs.

What Should Be Considered When Making Vintage Decoration?

The vintage style, which allows creating a friendly atmosphere in homes, produces very successful results with its effective choices. Those who want their home to reflect a modern style while at the same time bearing the traces of nostalgia can easily adopt the vintage style. Those who want to make a different decoration by evaluating the items in their home will need many floral patterns.

At this point, it is necessary to intervene without damaging the natural appearance of the items that require renovation. When renovating your vintage furniture, it is important that you restore it while preserving the original materials and appearance. Because when you move away from the vintage atmosphere after renovation, your furniture can take on a completely different style.

What Are Vintage Decoration Samples?

The harmony of the curtains with the colors of the sofa will greatly affect the integrity of the decoration. In order to apply a separate vintage decoration for each room, it is necessary to pay attention to the nostalgic nature of the items.

In addition to flashy and quite large furniture, simple and space-saving furniture ensures the successful realization of the home layout. In this way, your home can get away from the cold and colorless image and take on a warm and friendly appearance. You can relive memories by mixing the new and the old in your home with vintage fashion.

Vintage Style Living Room

If a simple elegance prevails in the environment of your living room, using floral and romantic patterned fabrics as curtains and sofa shawls ensures that your living room is always in the spring mood. In the selection of accessories, old model lampshades and vases will be one of the effective choices to spread this style throughout.

A vintage armchair goes well with your plain sofa set. Floral vintage cushions on your plain and monochrome armchairs look magnificent. If your home has a simple concept, you can make small touches with colorful floral curtains or upholstery of some of your furniture.

Vintage Style Bedroom

Changes are mostly made in the headboard of the bedrooms. Especially wrought iron headboards reflect the old and give a beautiful appearance. While vintage decoration, for example, a vintage lampshade or frame on your nightstand will be small but effective in reflecting your style.

Vintage Style Kitchen

The most effective place to play in kitchen decoration is tables and chairs. Creating a vintage effect on the curtains will make your kitchen a warm environment. Although the furnishings reflect the old times, the expertly furnished vintage-style houses look very modern while reminiscent of the old.

The vintage decoration, which is a great alternative for those who are old but cannot change, is the most beautifully evaluated form of old items.


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