What is Scandinavian Style?

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Scandinavian Style

What is Scandinavian Style?

Scandinavian design, belonging to the school of Modernism, is a design movement that focuses on functionality and simplicity. This Scandinavian design style expresses a natural, relaxing, calm and balanced decoration style. Although the Scandinavian style has existed since the 1950s, it is still among the most popular decoration styles in interior design today.

This style is characterized by an elegant and sophisticated look. Although it resembles a modern and minimalist style at first glance, the fact that natural elements and comfort are at the forefront distinguish the Scandinavian decoration style from its counterparts. An ideal Scandinavian design is based on pragmatism and minimal aesthetics. Its relative simplicity and useful designs have ensured that the Scandinavian style remains relevant and popular today.

How To Make Scandinavian Style Decoration?

Do you want to decorate your living space in Scandinavian style? Here are all the details you need to know about Scandinavian style decoration:

1.Scandinavian Style Decoration Features:

Simple, Simple and Tidy

Because traditional Scandinavian houses were very small, not many items could be used. Even though houses are being built much larger today, the philosophy of avoiding clutter and chaos still continues. For this reason, we can say that simplicity and order are the most important features for Scandinavian style decoration. Scandinavian homes do not use too much decoration and detail. Modern and robust furniture with clean lines is preferred. There’s plenty of storage space like cabinets and shelves for a tidy look. Thus, it is ensured that the spaces look visually clean and tidy.

Light and Neutral Colors

Since Scandinavian houses rarely receive daylight for geographical reasons, light colors are generally preferred for decoration. The color palette used for Scandinavian style decoration includes shades of white and gray. Black, pale pink, and blue can sometimes be used to pop the decoration. In addition, the walls are often painted white to highlight furniture and decorative pieces.

Neutral colors should be used to create a clean and relaxing effect in Scandinavian style home design. However, the latest trends in Scandinavian style design include natural colors such as earth tones, dark blue and sea green. Also, warm wood and sepia tones are popular in Scandinavian interior design because they make a room feel sunny and bright without using dominant bright colors.

Comfortable and Balanced (Hyyge & Lagom Philosophy)

“Hygge”, a life philosophy for the Danes; It means happiness, warmth and peace. This philosophy has been described as a kind of “home warmth” in Scandinavian homes. Scandinavian living encourages a relaxed lifestyle. For this reason, a large number of cushions and blankets scattered around the house are used to increase comfort.

Similar to the idea of ​​Hygge, Swedes use the word “Lagom”, which denotes balanced life. This means “to be neither more nor less”, that is to find balance. For Scandinavian homes, this can be interpreted as a mix of old and new or a balance between minimalism and comfort. For example, while a minimum number of furniture and accessories is used in a Scandinavian style house; A large number of comfort home textiles are used, such as sheepskin, linen pillows and layered rugs.

Functionality and Space

Scandinavian decoration style evokes modern design with its cool and plain appearance. Functional furniture and the use of few accessories are characteristic features of the Scandinavian style of decoration. The feeling of emptiness is important. No unnecessary accessories are used to fill the gaps.

In the Scandinavian countries, culturally, the simplicity of life is respected. This situation is also reflected in interior designs. Scandinavian furniture designs, although simple and simple, generally look like works of art.

Light Color Wood Flooring

Almost no carpets are used in Scandinavian style decoration. Light colored wooden parquet is used as flooring. Generally, wooden parquets in natural light color or painted in white are preferred. The light color of the floor is very important for the bright and spacious feeling desired to be created in the Scandinavian home.


High contrasts are another feature of Scandinavian decor style. Using black details in a completely white space creates a dramatic and striking atmosphere. Black color is often used in limited quantities in frames and paintings, furniture, Scandinavian fireplaces and home textiles.

Mixed Textures

Minimalism is generally considered cool and understated. In the simple but warmer Scandinavian style, instead of creating chaos with a lot of decorative items, textiles add warmth to the environment. Soft textiles such as sheepskin, wool and mohair are a must for Scandinavian homes in cold climates. In homes inspired by the Scandinavian style, they are mostly used for aesthetic and visual warmth. A hide or rug with a coarse texture, thrown on the floor, breaks the white sterile atmosphere of the environment and adds a warm look to the space.

Nordic Style Fireplace

Fireplaces are an important part of the decoration for Scandinavian homes with a very cold climate. In Scandinavian homes, black cast fireplaces are often used in the corner of a room and independently of the wall. The seating arrangement is arranged according to the position of the fireplace. Small seating elements such as chairs and berjers are close to the fireplace; Armchairs and sofas are placed in the middle of the room, leaving a walking area around it.

2.Scandinavian Style Furniture Features:

Clean Line and Functional Furniture

The main theme of Scandinavian design is that the lines are clean and straight. This rule also applies to furniture. Scandinavian-style furniture designs in simple form and functional features do not contain unnecessary ornaments and details. In Scandinavian style houses where less furniture is used; modern lines, smooth rounded edges and furniture with conical wooden legs. Most Scandinavian style furniture has soft and natural hues. Scandinavian design is famous for its innovative and functional furniture.

Solid Wood and Metal Details

The most commonly used material in Scandinavian style decoration is solid wood. It is possible to find wood not only on the floor but also almost everywhere such as furniture, accessories and even toys. In keeping with the simple and bright design concept, the wood types used for the Scandinavian decoration style are usually beech, ash and pine.

One of the key components of Scandinavian style design is the use of natural and sustainable materials. These are generally opposite materials.

Another of the latest trends in Scandinavian style decoration is to use wood and metals such as brass and copper together. For example, by using metal details in furniture legs or lighting elements, brightness is added to the environment.

Decorative Shelves

Scandinavian design is also characterized by its innovative and functional use of space. Storage as a decor is an important idea in Scandinavian design, as everything should be functional. That’s why it’s common to see multi-level wall shelves in the Scandinavian style living room. While these storage areas save space, they add aesthetics to the area with their decorative appearance.

Storage as a decor is an important idea in Scandinavian design, as everything should be functional.

3.Nordic Style Accessories:

Warm and Comfortable Textiles

Since Scandinavian countries have an extremely cold climate, using soft covers is a necessity for Scandinavian homes rather than aesthetics. For this, blankets and carpets made of wool, sheepskin or angora are used. Such accessories are ideal for creating a cozy and warm environment that reflects the Scandinavian spirit, especially in winter. Soft covers with natural color and texture not only add a sense of warmth and comfort to the environment, but also add different layers of texture to the design.

Simple Accessories

As we mentioned above, Scandinavian style decoration is all about simplicity. Decor is kept to a minimum in Scandinavian designs. Bare walls and empty spaces are left intact. Therefore, when decorating a Scandinavian style home, you should always choose decorative accessories with minimal quantities and simple designs. For example; Elegant glass vases, white candles, simple geometric patterned pillows and wooden accessories are among the Scandinavian style accessories.

Vibrant Flowers and Greenery

Vibrant flowers and green plants are often used to add life and color to Scandinavian-style spaces. People in Scandinavian countries are known for their love of nature. In this area, the streets are often full of florists selling colorful vibrant flowers. Therefore, Scandinavian decoration contains many elements from nature. Flowers, branches and greenery decorate the homes as accessories.

Black and White Geometric Patterns

Just because Scandinavian decorations and designs are simple does not mean that no patterns are used. On the contrary, geometric patterns are frequently used in Scandinavian style spaces. Patterns are seen in unexpected places such as walls and floors, as well as accessories such as throw pillows. These patterns are mostly not colored, but black and white or gray.

 4.Nordic Style Curtain:

Maximum Natural Light

In fact, there is no such thing as a Scandinavian style curtain, because curtains are mostly not used in Scandinavian homes. The already limited daylight is very valuable for Scandinavian homes. Windows are often left bare to let in as much light as possible. In case of necessity, curtains are kept to a minimum in order not to block natural light.

Minimum Curtain Usage

If curtains must be used in a Scandinavian style space, white tulle curtains or thin linen curtains should be preferred first. Thus, the passage of natural light is not prevented and the light infiltration through the curtain at night adds a romantic atmosphere reflecting the Scandinavian spirit.

5.Nordic Style Lighting:

Various and Iconic Lighting Elements

Most Scandinavian homes can only benefit from natural light for as little as seven hours a day. For this reason, lighting has a great place in Scandinavian designs. Lighting is considered a source of life. When decorating in Scandinavian style, different lighting elements are used together to provide enough light.

The way of lighting is also important in terms of the ambiance it creates in the environment. Candles and candlesticks used with pendant lamps and wall lamps in Scandinavian-style houses add a warm and romantic atmosphere to the environment. With their iconic and modern looks, Scandinavian style lighting elements have gained an important place in the design world.

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