What is Bohemian? What Does Bohemian Style Mean?

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What is Bohemian? What Does Bohemian Style Mean?

What is Bohemian?

The origin of the word bohemian is based on the word “La Boheme” which means “gypsy” in French. Bohemian style was first started by people in Bohemia, a region with a dense gypsy population in the past. Bohemian lifestyle was adopted by 19th century artists inspired by the nomadic life of gypsies; It refers to a carefree, unhurried and comfortable lifestyle. For today’s answer to the question of “what is Bohemian“, we can say “someone who lives carefree, free and troubled day by day without thinking about tomorrow”.

What Does Bohemian Style Decoration Mean?

Bohemian decoration emerged in Paris in the 19th century. Believing that creativity is more valuable than money, artists and writers have created a lifestyle inspired by nomads, the original bohemians. This new lifestyle, which rejects the rules and reflects their culture and ideals, has created a bohemian style of decoration. Bohemian decoration style is likewise a decoration style that embraces the different by throwing the rules aside and aims to upset the standards of beauty.

There are no strict rules to be followed in bohemian decoration style as in modern decoration style. Patterns, textures and colors can be mixed as desired. Bohemian aesthetics are based on being personal and comfortable. Bohemian home decoration should be done according to the taste of the person, not the taste of others.

How to Make Bohemian Home Decoration?

Choose a Neutral Background

For bohemian style home decoration, you should first decide on the background color. Warm earth tones are ideal for the bohemian style. In such complex decoration styles, using a neutral colored background that will connect the colors and patterns you add on it will make your job easier.

Mix Vivid Colors

When it comes to bohemian decoration, the first thing that comes to mind is the vibrant and bold colors. You can see all kinds of colors from pink to purple, orange to green in bohemian style homes. While there is no clear rule about colors, metallic colors, jewel tones and warm earth colors are widely preferred in the bohemian style. Especially; brown, golden yellow, electric blue, fire orange, purple and other jewel tones; You can see it in bohemian furniture, accessories and rugs.

When decorating a bohemian style, don’t be afraid to mix patterns and textures. For fun and exotic touches, buy colorful and patterned textiles from around the world. You can use colorful fabrics and rugs on your armchairs or as wall accessories. You can strategically use white to reduce the mess created by the bohemian style and balance the environment.

Bohemian Style Furniture Designs

It can be difficult to find bohemian style furniture designs in stores. Bohemian houses usually contain special furniture collected over time. That’s why second-hand stores and antique shops are the best places to buy bohemian furniture. For bohemian style home decoration, each piece of furniture should be special and tell a story.

Another key point in choosing bohemian style furniture is to choose comfortable and low furniture. The closer the furniture is to the floor, the more authentic the environment looks. In addition to low sofas, throw pillows and poufs of different sizes and patterns scattered around are indispensable for bohemian decoration. You can create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your living room by completing it with colorful carpets and floor cushions.

Bohemian Home Accessories

Bohemian home accessories look like they were bought from a local market in an exotic country. Generally, home accessories with a special meaning, story and experience are preferred. When decorating a bohemian style home, you can use accessories that have meaningful and stories, such as family heirlooms or handmade items or objects collected from travels.

The secret to using bohemian home accessories is to mix and match. For example, you can pair a fancy chandelier and a thick-framed mirror in gold, along with tapestries, vintage bottles, maps, or a variety of tiles. In addition, its materials should have a slightly aged appearance; should not be damaged, shiny and new. Tassels, hand knitted and macrame details; Cushions, curtains and drapes come together to create a comfortable and intimate, that is, bohemian atmosphere.

Become a Maximalist

For bohemian decoration style, it is the opposite of minimalism. While no unnecessary items are included in the minimalist and modern decoration style, you are free to display as many items as you want in the bohemian style! You can really think of a bohemian house as an art gallery where you showcase your personal belongings. What we mean here is to consciously put together items that have value to you rather than hoarding. Leave a mark all over your home; Freely display everything you love and have collected over the years!

Add Layers

Another golden rule for bohemian style home decoration is to create layers. Rugs and rugs used on top of each other, stacked cushions and covers add a bohemian character to your home. It also allows you to use different patterns and colors together.

Layering is also a clever way to hide old or damaged furniture. You can cover your items with layers of fabric for a stylish and textured bohemian look. Each layer you add will add more style and a bohemian feel to your home.

Decorate with Plants

Plants are an easy and affordable way to add style to a room. It is also at the center of the bohemian decoration style inspired by nature. While adding unobtrusive colors to your home with various plants, you also cleanse the air. Greenery, succulents and quirky exotic plants hanging down from wall-hung pots will adapt to the bohemian character of your home.

Get creative with flower pots and vases to complete the bohemian look. Choose interesting and characteristic designs. For example, you can use wicker baskets or sculptural vases to showcase your plants.

Bohemian Lighting

For a bohemian look, you should use different lighting types such as floor and table lamps, wall lamps, lanterns and candles, as well as chandeliers and pendant lamps. Today’s global design markets offer lighting designs in different shapes and styles. It also applies to the topic of lighting the “mix and match” manifesto of bohemian decoration.

What should be considered in Bohemian Style Decoration?

  • Bohemian style based on contrasts emphasizes the spirit of independence. It emerges by blending different styles and contrasting colors. But you have to be very careful while doing this and carry the ancient spirit inside you.
  • The first thing you should pay attention to in bohemian style decoration is comfort. You should never forget that the key to this decoration is freedom and comfort. The style preferred by people who are fond of their independence focuses more on comfort than its color compatible with it. Color matching is not so important if you are comfortable.
  • Making room for the motifs is the second point you should pay attention to. Because this style comes to mind with colors and motifs. You can often see ethnic motifs on pillows, sofas, and carpets. You can create your pillows and curtains from fabrics decorated with these patterns. At the same time, you can easily find something you love, as these patterns have started to be seen intensely on carpets in recent years. You can also use glass objects, chandeliers with colorful and various patterns.
  • One of the best aspects of bohemian style is that you can use pieces that your grandmothers kept in their chests. You can also include old items from their home in your decoration. Old furniture can become the crown of your home again after necessary renovations have been made. In this style, old furniture will never go out of style and you will feel the feeling of nostalgia to your bones. You can also create a wonderful decoration with a few antique objects.
  • Knowing that there is no need to follow trends is another issue you will pay attention to. The logic of this style is based on accessories that you will like rather than trends. Everything that will highlight your comfort and free spirit constitute the most important elements of the style. At the same time, don’t worry about how different styles will come together and create a mess. For example, you can use an old type of furniture with modern pillows.

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