What are the Points to Consider When Buying a Housing? Part 6

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What are the Points to Consider When Buying a Housing?

(Part 6)


  1. When was the last time the sanitary system of the building underwent maintenance-repair-renewal?
  2. Cracking, corrosion, water leakage, insulation-related, etc., in exposed pipes. are there any problems? (Make sure that the necessary heat insulation measures are taken in the plumbing pipes.)
  3. Have you opened the cabinets under the sink and checked for water leaks in the pipes?
  4. Have you checked whether the water pressure is sufficient in the bathroom and kitchen? (Check the water pressure by opening the taps at the same time and flushing the toilet.)
  5. Are there any unpleasant odors in bathrooms and kitchens caused by piping problems? (Make sure the installation is ventilated.)
  6. Does the piping cause excessive noise when used?
  7. Is there a water tank in the building? (Find out about its capacity and how often it is cleaned.) 

Fire Safety

  1. Is there a fire escape in the building? (Make sure that the fire escape complies with current regulations) expert support is required.
  2. Is the fire escape positioned to allow you to quickly get out of the building in an emergency? (Can you reach the fire escape in a reasonable time in an emergency?) Expert support is required.
  3. Are fire escapes and perimeter walls constructed with suitable and durable materials to give you time to get out of the building in case of an emergency? need expert support
  4. Are there fire detectors in the building?
  5. Are there automatic sprinklers (fire extinguishers that spray water) inside the building?
  6. Have you taken measures to reduce the risk of fire depending on the type of heating system in the building? (For example, are there detectors that detect natural gas leaks? Has the house recently cleaned the chimney?
  7. Are the points where the installation pierces the walls, floors and ceilings covered with materials that will slow the spread of flame and smoke? expert support is required.
  8. Are the doors leading to the fire escape constructed in such a way that they can be opened by pushing towards the escape direction?
  9. Do the doors to the fire escape automatically close behind you?
  10. Are fire escape routes automatically illuminated in an emergency?
  11. Are safe handrails or handrails made at the edges of the fire escape stairs?
  12. Is the window width suitable for you to be rescued by the fire brigade if you cannot reach the fire escape or the exit of the building?
  13. Have sections been created inside the building to slow the spread of fire inside the building? expert support is required.
  14. Is there a telephone dialer in the building that automatically transmits a pre-recorded call for help to the fire brigade in the event of a fire?