Penthouse  Decoration Ideas

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Penthouse  Decoration Ideas

A penthouse full of dusty ruins for a lifetime is a forgotten space. However, it has much more potential with its vaulted ceilings, exposed beams, and versatile large bones.

Decorating the attics of houses is a relatively difficult task. Attic rooms, whose usage area is very narrow due to the sloping ceiling, can be made both extremely stylish and fully functional with the right decoration.


Attic spaces are great for a teenager’s bedroom because you can use the ceiling and get creative with swings, hanging chairs, murals, fun lighting. Before you start evaluating the field, the first step you need to do is think about the function. Is it suitable for furniture? Can you get around easily? The added ventilation creates better airflow, while the ceiling fan at the highest point can help move the air. In addition, you can easily use thin curtains that are always available in this area. Sectional points provide useful and innovative areas. You can create a seating area for a television or armchair by defining the area with a carpet, or you can add a reading corner by making a window seat. Corners and cracks can accommodate internal storage as shelves or drawers. A sloping ceiling highlights the entire storage wall. By taking all these factors and existing conditions into consideration, you can decide what to organize this space for.


Ceiling height and storage location are very important. In a bedroom, there is a balance between using a suspended light source at the appropriate height while not blocking the highest parts of the room so that it doesn’t feel claustrophobic. Lighting is an important factor in such areas. Light will help create a more inviting room.

Placing the window joinery away from the window ensures that we do not obstruct valuable natural light. We use fabric or wallpaper and lighter woods or darker woods for joinery in smaller areas to ensure that it does not cover the space too much.

Maximum Space Usage

You can create a seating arrangement on the bed platform (if you are creating a bedroom) or on window sills with storage underneath. Its design intent is to incorporate storage into other functions to maximize space. While lofts are often used for guest rooms, children’s playrooms or home offices, you can also consider turning it into a yoga-meditation room for yourself by adding cushioned floors, painting the walls in soothing colors for a calm environment. By comparing the measurements of empty spaces with existing furniture, you can create ideas of what might be appropriate.

Increasing Storage with Built-in Bed

A small bed nook becomes even more functional when slim bedside shelves add storage under the bed. Beds for older children and adults should be placed under the highest part of the ceiling, not under the eaves.

Painting the Floor

Whether you choose white or any other light shade, painted floors can be a smart choice in the attic. They reflect more light than plain wood and paint is the perfect surface for cheaper wood floors. It is a great helper for not going over your budget.

Suitable Windows

Windows placed on a curved wall are particularly difficult to cover, and depending on what you’re using the room for, you can choose to leave them blank. However, if you are using the space as a bedroom, you may want to cover these windows. You can easily control the light even in high, inclined windows with canopy curtains that open from below or above.

Small Furniture

You can surround the floor with cushions and a low coffee table to create a comfortable lounge area. Sitting close to the floor will make ceilings appear higher. Likewise, platform beds and low sofas will work better in the attic than full-size beds and bulky sofas. Children’s play tables, chairs, and shelves can get stuck in tight spaces where full-size furniture would never work. When a loft playroom with small beds is planned under the window, the adults can spend time with them while the children play. Using a mid-beam hanging chair can be a fun touch that draws the eye upwards by making the most of the highest point of the room.

Storage Areas

Low walls and areas where the ceiling is very low are both aesthetically pleasing for storage and ease of use. Low shelving units, cubbies, and tables can be properly combined to create a storage solution that suits their needs. Department stores can be great resources for finding custom modular pieces that fit your space and budget.

With White You Can Maximize Space and Light

Even if you would normally avoid using pure white on the ceiling, walls and floor, it would be logical to create white spaces and open spaces in an attic. Upstairs rooms create less mobility and less dirt as they are further away from the entrance of the house, so you can be sure the white loft will make you less tiring in terms of cleanliness. Being surrounded by white will create a completely different atmosphere by freeing the lofts from the stereotypical cramped, dark attic classic.

You can create a Library

You can make the penthouse the most special area of ​​the house by building a beautiful bookcase.

With a reading chair, a rug and a large bookcase, you can set sail to a world where no one can find you in your hidden library. Whether you work freelance or in the office; Everyone needs a private space to take time for themselves, read, reply to emails, pay bills or just listen for a while. The work area you will create in the attic can help you in this regard.

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