New Trend: Container Houses

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Container House

New Trend: Container Houses

While people are building houses on a land they own, they frequently prefer container house systems instead of reinforced concrete structures, wooden structures or cultural structures. Because while the container has a very practical structure both in terms of construction and installation, it can bring many different designs that are dazzling in terms of interior decoration.

Normally, a home can include parts such as a living room, living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, children’s room, bathroom, toilet, terrace, garden and veranda. Each of these listed parts can be practically provided in container house structures. Even two-storey, that is, duplex or triplex structures, can be created instead of single-storey buildings with new technologies in container house structures.

How to Write a Container? How Did It Occur?

Generally, the question of how to write a container in the construction and building sector is one of the most common questions. Because this structure, which is known as container in English in its original form, has passed our language as a conteyner or container. In fact, both words can create the current product structure in the building industry. However, it is considered more correct to use the word container in our country in its past language.

In fact, it basically creates a structure used in areas such as container products, maritime transport, international transport and logistics. However, thanks to the developing architectural studies, a structure like a container house was revealed. Basically, the definition of prefabricated house is also used in the building sector and construction sector in return for this product. In addition, container prices have led to the spread of the products thanks to the convenience of the products. According to the production system, all areas of use are prepared in the factory, the ground is properly produced, points are prepared for electricity, water and external connections, and they are steel structures that are made suitable for living or working areas.

How to Make a Container? Why is it Produced?

It should be known that the latest technologies are used in the production systems for the container that can be used as a house as mentioned. In this context, after the container dimensions are determined, mono block, de-assembled or combined structures emerge. Electrical installation, plumbing and natural gas installation applications can also be made within these structures. These applications are prepared as surface mounted or under plaster, as well as roof application in case of a standard roof need in the buildings.

Nowadays, especially for container house structures, when decoration is considered, roof systems, exterior insulation, garden, patio, balcony, door, glass and kitchen applications can be made. For example, a toilet bowl, bathtub, shower cabin and ventilation can be applied within the container within the bathroom area. When the kitchen structure is established, waste water and sanitary applications can be easily performed.

Again, as an important point, steel material is generally preferred in container production. Because while steel helps this building material to be much stronger, a de-assembled structure can be easily obtained. In container systems produced with steel, which provides convenience in terms of insulation and creates a lower structure in terms of cost, changes in dimensions may also occur. Generally, one of the most preferred standards for container dimensions is 3 × 7 meters, ie 21 square meters.

How to make an Electricity Subscription to a Container? How to Provide Plumbing Applications?

Especially when container houses are established in seaside lands, forested areas, construction areas, factories or garden areas, it is required to have electricity and water installations in these structures. In this context, the question of how to buy a container electricity subscription is one of the most curious questions. If there is an electrical installation prepared during the construction application in the container houses, it is possible to prepare this installation project and request an electrical connection according to this project.

If only container use is required without a building project, construction site electricity can be used in this structure. However, container houses must be located in a construction site for the use of the construction site subscriber. In addition, for buildings used in an agricultural field or garden, an agricultural irrigation certificate can be obtained from the Provincial Directorate of Agriculture, and an electrical connection can be obtained with a panel provided on the outside. Basically, obtaining a building registration certificate can create a much faster and less costly solution.

What Is Put Under The Container? How to Install?

In order to install a container in an area, a particularly smooth floor is required. Because when container houses are not located on a smooth floor, the doors and windows do not work properly and the danger of collapse may occur. The container house must be in full contact with the ground in the installation area and connections and interconnections at the upper corners must be made firmly.

If you want a long-lasting structure for the container house, it is important that you provide a flat surface such as reinforced concrete on the floor to be placed. It is also important to take care that no power and water cables pass through the lower part of the installation surface. Again, as an important point, it is important to measure the area correctly and determine the location correctly in the context of container dimensions. Because at this point, many details such as easy withdrawal of electricity and water lines, correct reception of the sun and correct creation of the garden area come into play. In fact, depending on all these details, there will be differences in the context of container prices.

How to Decoration for Container Houses?

After participating in the standards, classical information, requirements and container dimensions calculation, a pleasant decoration can be provided within these structures. For example, the living room can be considered first when decorating for a container house. At this point, special and contemporary designs can be made by selecting the most suitable sofa set, dining table, seating groups, bookcase, carpet and floor covering in the context of container dimensions.

Kitchen furniture, sinks and dining tables can be used in the context of container dimensions in kitchens, as valid as the dining room.

Also, considering the container dimensions, while duplex and triplex structures are obtained, bedroom, children’s room, study room, guest room arrangements can be made with all the desired furniture in these structures.

Today, container houses are generally used in summer areas, such as seaside and vineyards and gardens, for holiday and recreational constructions. At this point, houses are usually chosen with small dimensions. Because when the container used at such points is very high in size, very high costs may be required for decoration. However, when considered basically, the basic logic of choosing a container at these points is to obtain a more affordable price. In other words, a container house used as a summer house can provide comfort in decoration with its more economical and small structure.

Container houses selected in locations such as gardens and cottages should generally have a garden area. In this case, by providing a pleasant garden at the front of the container, flowers, ornamental pools, garden furniture, wooded areas, patio, terrace and terrace furniture can be used in this garden. Thanks to such areas, it will be more enjoyable to spend the summer season with container houses and to host guests. But at a different point a crowded family

Considering its structure, duplex-triplex structures are mostly preferred structures for container houses.

Because, instead of a single-storey container house, multi-storey buildings are advantageous for crowded families. For example, if a container house is preferred for the summer home use of a family with three or more children, a duplex or triplex structure can usually be chosen. In this context, larger dimensions may be considered within the selected container sizes. In other words, by choosing a system such as 40 square meters instead of a standard 21 square meter container, a duplex and advantageous structure can be obtained.

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