Documents Required to Establish an Animal Farm

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Animal Farm

Documents Required to Establish an Animal Farm

Livestock sector requires a 365 days a year, labor is one of the important sectors in Turkey.

Livestock conditions in Turkey are carried out in two ways, both modern and traditional methods. For both, there are the necessary documents and conditions for the animal farm.

Modern livestock breeding is a type of animal husbandry where animals are kept in barns. In this type of animal husbandry method, necessary documents and conditions are sought to establish a farm in order to provide nutrients to increase productivity and to grow them in the right environment.

The yield of animal products increases in rainy years. sheep and cattle in Turkey, poultry, beekeeping, fisheries and is made of silk böceklig. Establishing an animal farm is an important issue for those who want to make livestock. Setting up a farm is not as difficult as it seems. It is an occupation that can be done with a detailed research after deciding to do this job. When the documents required to establish an animal farm are searched, it will be seen that there are documents that can be collected in a short time. These documents are given below:

Documents Required to Establish an Animal Farm

  • Social security registration is required.
  • A form describing the farm you will establish must be filled.
  • Fire brigade report must be submitted.
  • It is necessary to create a signature circular.
  • If the number of employees in the farm to be established will be more than 50 people, the operating certificate and the doctor’s certificate must be submitted.
  • A land certificate of the place where the farm will be established must be submitted.
  • If you are a tenant belonging to the place where the farm is established, the title deed must be submitted if the lease contract belongs to you.
  • Farm capacity and reports need to be submitted.
  • If the farm has been established before, a permit is required.
  • The fee required for a farm license must be paid.
  • Regarding the water you will use, either a document indicating that the water is connected to the network or a water analysis report must be submitted.

Although the documents required to establish an animal farm differ according to the requests of the institution to be applied, they are generally in this way.

Cost of Setting Up an Animal Farm

The cost of establishing an animal farm will be decisive for the cost of the facility to be established and to be evaluated in three parts as bovine farm, small cattle farm, poultry farm. If we calculate the cost of setting up a farm based on the number of animals.


  • There is a cost of 500.000 TL to establish a cattle farm with a capacity of 50 cattle.
  • The cost of establishing a chicken farm with a capacity of 1000 chickens is 300,000 TL including the materials.
  • 100 sheep farm sheep. The budget required to establish a farm such as goats, etc., costs approximately 300,000 TL.