What is Ovine Livestock?

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Ovine Livestock

What is Ovine Livestock?

Small ruminants in Turkey usually called keçicilik and sheep usually in the Central Anatolia Region, it is among the species of animals bred sheep and goats due to the arid climate. Ovine livestock; It is a breed of livestock that includes sheep, goats and fur animals. Ovine breeding is carried out in every corner of our country. In our country, sheep breeds differ from each other. In addition to Central Anatolia, there are differences in the types of sheep and goats in the Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia regions. The animals are denominated in goats and angora goats who cultivate more particularly in the mountainous regions of Turkey, known as the Angora cat. In a small part of our country, there are dairy goats.

Ovine breeding is known as goat breeding, sheep breeding. Small cattle breeding, which is done quite a lot in our country, also contributes greatly to the economy. Ovine breeding is done in almost every corner of our country. In sheep and goat breeding, it makes use of a fur from the meat of animals, milk.

 Where Is Ovine Breeding Seen?

Due to the scarcity of pastures, sheep farming is mostly seen in Central Anatolia and in the Northern Mediterranean regions. Central Anatolia and the northern parts of the Mediterranean are among the regions where sheep and goat breeding is most concentrated. Due to the scarcity of pastures, small cattle breeding is carried out in these regions. There are dozens of different types of sheep and goats in our country.

What Are Ovine Animals

 Ovine Livestock

Ovine animals are sheep, goats and poultry. In these, they are divided into varieties among themselves.


Sheep is the animal of the steppes. It grows well on slightly wavy flats. The climatic conditions of our country are generally suitable for sheep breeding. Its cultivation has not developed in the east of the Eastern Anatolia Region due to low temperatures. Also, sheep are not raised due to the high amount of moisture and lush meadows in the coastal parts of the Eastern Black Sea Region. The region that breeds the most sheep is our Central Anatolia region.

Sheep Breeds

  1. Curly: It is not resistant to cold. Meat yield is very high. It is grown in Marmara and Aegean Regions.
  2. Dağlıç: They are grown in Aegean and Inner West Anatolia.
  3. Karaman: It is grown in Aegean, Inner, Eastern and S Eastern Anatolia Regions.
  4. Gum and Merinos: They are grown in the Southern Marmara Region. It is grown for merino wool.

Hair Goat

Hair goat is the animal of mountainous regions. It feeds on tree shoots. Since it harms the forest, their numbers are reduced.

Angora Goat

Angora goat, another name of Angora Goat, is grown especially for its angora. In our country, it is frequently grown around Konya in Ankara and around Siirt in the South East Anatolia Region.

Poultry Farming

Poultry Chicken is a rooster, duck, turkey, goose. Poultry farming can be done almost in all regions.

However, it is most developed in the Marmara and Aegean Regions. It has developed around big cities such as Istanbul, Manisa, Izmir, Balıkesir and Ankara.